by Haedes

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released July 7, 2014

Haedes was Produced and Mixed by Nick Duke (Pulse Recording)
Haedes was Mastered by Alexander Lowe (Red Tuxedo Studio)



all rights reserved


Haedes Atlanta, Georgia

We are Rob Hardie, Jordan McGhin, Susie Hardie, Raleigh Chesney and Gregg Neel. We have released an EP as of 07-07-14. We hope you enjoy. Thank you for your ears.

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Track Name: Coast Guard
Buried ankle deep beneath the water
Smile and keep your distance on the shore
Silent eyes and empty sighs are waiting
Free to rest in need of nothing more

All our lives are changing
Tide erases all
You cannot contain me
The water pulls and breaks and takes me under

Take your daylight dream
Stay with him in sleep
I have found my peace
I have found my peace

All our lives are changing
Tide erase us all
You cannot contain me

You look like an angel
With your wings laid on the floor
You took all the chances
Made them nothing
What was it for
Track Name: Dawn
We sang of silence
And other creatures not around
We spoke of violence
And talked the cities to the ground

To the dawn we delivered
Drowning desperation
When the worst of ambitions
Come clouded catastrophe

And I will shiver and break
In the wake of the dawn that is growing
And this will be my rest

Yet I'll be torn and worn
And broken and left with nothing
Forgotten by the sun
Forgotten by the sun
Track Name: Thomas Cooper
A sea of grinning people
Tired as they talk
(Merry going nowhere)
Under the broken steeple
Laughing as they must
(Hidden in the secret)

You were assigned this
To make them all wish
That we could play the fool
And as you fall down
A hymn of laughter
I saw a shadowed wing descend

I want to understand
I want to give a damn
Make some meaning
From my empty hands

In the wake of this illusion
Where my disillusion dwells
I will see you when the show is through
I will smile with you
I will smile with you
Track Name: Soulless
I saw your simple life get
Twisted in the devil's grip
But all the serpent's eyes
Glaring at us in the candlelight

And do I think to wonder
If this life will ever end
I say you'll never be alone
Darkness tries to take you